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We have a number of advertising opportunities for those looking to reach an audience that is passionate about Latin American and Caribbean culture. Our audience is made up of people curious about other cultures, who want to read quality articles (we are not a lifestyle publication) and who are likely to follow-up their interest by attending events and buying music, books, films, event tickets, etc.

Website Advertising

  • Our website reaches 50,000+ unique visitors every month, generating over 100,000 page visits
  • On average, adverts on our site generate a clickthrough rate (CTR) of 3-10%, which is above the industry standard
  • We offer web advertising from just £3 CPM, which means for £30 your advert will be seen 10,000 times

Newsletter Advertising

  • Our newsletter goes out to 6,000 subscribers. It is regularly cleared of unused emails, who are replaced by active new subscribers, ensuring that the quality of subscribers is always high
  • The open rate for our emails is 30-40%. Again, this is above industry standards
  • Prices for advertising via our newsletter start at £100
  • You can see one of our newsletters at

We can also offer dedicated mailers and advertising via our print publications.

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