Sounds and Colours Peru


Sounds and Colours Peru is a book, digital compilation and DVD taking a look at contemporary Peruvian culture, and the musical, cultural and folkloric icons that continue to have a big impact on the country’s identity.

Across 200 pages, 20 tracks and 2 hours of DVD video, we show another side of Peru, bringing life to this multicultural nation. From the indigenous traditions of the Andes, to the country’s reinstatement of its Afro-Peruvian identity, and on to the contemporary art, film and music that thrives on the coast. We worked with a team of writers, researchers, film-makers, musicians, artists and illustrators from around the world to put together Sounds and Colours Peru, a unique guide to Peruvian culture made with love, passion and integrity.

*First edition copies of this book came with a CD and DVD. Since then we have run a small second edition which is identical except that it has a digital download instead of a CD (this change is reflected in the reduced price).

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COVER by Mara Mantari Ramos


PERUVIAN MUSIC An Introduction by Jorge Olazo SUBTERRANEAN ENERGY A Look at Lima’s Musical Underground by Luis Alvarado THE LAST STOP Pascualillo Coronado and the Migrant Legacy of ‘La Carretera Central’ by Diego Hernandez CLANDESTINE LANDS Lima’s Music Pirates by Manuel Vigo THE ROOTS OF CHICHA A Personal Account of Peru’s Cumbia Revival by Olivier Conan AMAZON NIGHTS Popular Music and Modern Rituals in Iquitos by Kathryn Metz A WORD’S WORTH A THOUSAND PICTURES Field Recording in the Amazon by David Aglow MUSIC & AYAHUASCA Exploring the Evolution of Shamans and Their Sacred Songs by Vincent Moon NEITHER OLD NOR OUT-OF-DATE The Continuing Relevance of Traditional Peruvian Music by Pablo Molina FROM FOLKLORE TO EXOTICA Yma Sumac and the Performance of Inca Identity by Zoila Mendoza THE CHILDREN OF CHAMPITA The Afro-Peruvian Legacy of the Ballumbrosios by Florent Wattelier AFRO-PERU The Evolution of Afro-Peruvian Music As Seen Through the Eyes of María Landó by Chloe Broadfield OF FIRE AND WATER Defining the Afro-Diaspora with Susana Baca by Diane Ghogomu


PERUVIAN CINEMA An Introduction by Joanna Blyth A REVOLUTION ON FILM The Legacy of The Shining Path on Peruvian Cinema by Nick MacWilliam Q&A: DANIEL & DIEGO VEGA Perceptions of Peruvian Cinema from the Director’s Chair by Sofia Serbin de Skalon THE WOOD FOR THE TREES The Amazon’s Starring Role In Cinema by Ed Hart and Stuart Saw TRIBUTE TO THE CITY Heddy Honigmann’s Limeño Documentaries by Agnieszka Bielecka


GOOD, AVERAGE OR BAD An Investigation Into Contemporary Peruvian Literature by Russell Slater IN THE ROSE GARDEN A Tale of Researching Ribeyro by Jessica Sequeira HUMAN POTENTIAL The Life and Work of César Vallejo by Steven Totten Q&A: CARBONCITO Lima’s Comic Book Pioneers by Russell Slater SEARCHING FOR SOLARI Whatever Happened to María Tellería Solari? by Ed Hart LUCHA LIBRO Lima’s Literary Battles by Russell Slater VERÁSTEGUI MAINTAINS The Life and Dreams of a Peruvian Poet by Juan José Sandoval Zapata


PYROTECHNIC POETRY El Calaverón’s Explosive Art Workshop by Edward de Ybarra ASIMTRÍA AND REUDO Clamour Between The Mountain And The Desert by Marco Valdivia ONLY WASH WHEN YOU´RE FILTHY The Story of Sucio Records and Rock in Arequipa by Renato Rodriguez


LIMAFOTOLIBRE Documenting Everyday Limeño Life by LimaFotoLibre TAKANAKUY Festive Fights in Aid of Christmas Catharsis by Boris Mercado PACCARIK ORUE Documenting Community and Social Justice in the Andes by Russell Slater CHIARAJE Folkloric Battles for Mother Nature by Boris Mercado HUAYLAS Celebrating the Harvest with Ten Days of Music, Food and Dance by Carlo Rodrigo Rojas


THE MYTH OF PISHTACO Fear and Fat in the Andes by Agnieszka Bielecka AN IQUITOS CHRONICLE Amidst The Unsettling Sea of Green by Jorge Coaguila RUTA MARE Revisiting and Reimagining Peru’s Popular Art by Russell Slater CARGA MÁXIMA Peruvian Pop Typography by Russell Slater GENTLEMAN OF THE SEAS The Life and Times of Miguel Grau by Steven Totten Q&A: MARCO SUEÑO Breaking Boundaries with Street Art by Russell Slater SAINT OF THE PEOPLE From Modest Maid to Cult Hero: The Unlikely Story of Sarita Colonia by Steven Totten Q&A: PIERR VASQUEZ Continuing the Afro-Peruvian Legacy by Camilo Martinez


by Edson Ikê and Lee Hodges


Sounds and Colours Peru includes a compilation (available now as a digital download), showcasing new music from Peru, ranging from the digital cumbia of Elegante Y La Imperial and Dengue Dengue Dengue! to the indie-pop of Las Amigas de Nadie and Kanaku Y El Tigre, and from the huayno harp playing of Los Cholos to the gorgeous bolero of La Lá. These are the sounds that are currently gaining Peru a reputation as a hotbed of new and innovative music. Listen to the compilation below:


The book comes with a 2-hour DVD containing short films made by French film-maker Vincent Moon in Peru. Forming part of his Petites Planètes series, which has seen the director travel around the world filming local and little-heard music. In 2013 he travelled extensively around Peru, creating incredible vignettes of the music being made in the country. Our DVD collects together 13 of his short films, some of which have additional subtitles and some of which are being presented in special cuts by the director. Artists and practices featured on our DVD include folk brothers Los Hermanos Azpilcueta, the Afro-Peruvian traditions of Zaña, ayahuasca ceremonies from deep within the Amazon, experimental Lima duo Jardin, the Corpus Christi religious parades, as well as music by Consuelo Jeri, Pauchi Sasaki and Manuelcha Prado, a living legend of Peruvian music who you can see below in a clip featured on our DVD:


We were able to publish Sounds and Colours Peru thanks to the amazing contributors who bought a copy of the publication in advance. You can see our fundraising campaign here. Here are those great people:

Adam Bradley • Adrian Leach • Alciara Young • Alejandro Aleman • Alex Wilson • Amaya García-Velasco • Ann Golden • Arnaud • Carl Meier • Christine Lofgren • Christine Moreno • Christine Slater • Craig Stevenson • Daniel Gómez • Dave Broom • David Macfarlane • David O’Brien • Diego Hernandez • Eugene Roscoe • Friso Wiersum • Grace Remington • Helge Niska • Jakub Knera • Jim Hyden • Johannes Roskamm • Jonathan C. Forte • Juan Carlos Azpilcueta • Julia Berkowitz • Juliano Zappia • Kosmas Chatzimichalis • Kristin Pouw • Liam Hardy • Luis López Coira • Manuel Vigo • Marc Fournier • María Eugenia Echeverría • Mariano Robles • Matt Burnett • Matt Slater • Matthias Koch • Milo Steelefox • Monica Iglesias • Moses Iten • Natalia Sanhueza Vega • Neil Forgham • Nicolas Grunholzer • Pablo Navarrete • Paul Herbert • Paul Pasco • Peter Goldschmidt • Philipp Bühler • Robert Bresnan • Rocio Flórez • Roland D’Hertoge • Sara Guabello • Sean Leigh • Sean Lovell • Slawomir Olszewski • Sophie Johnson • Tammie Evans • Tenille Moore • Thomas Glenn • Will Jeffreys • Will Lahti