Sounds and Colours Colombia


Colombia is a country whose reputation is too often dominated by stereotypes; look on any news website and almost every article will focus on drugs, terrorism or the political friction between Colombia and other countries. Sounds and Colours Colombia is a project that looks at Colombia in a different light. Created by a wide variety of collaborators it focuses on Colombia’s music, film, art and culture, as well as the political and social issues it faces. Featuring 198 pages of articles, photos and illustrations, as well as a 16-track compilation of new Colombian music, this is an opportunity to truly discover Colombia’s music and culture.

” … an expertly collated volume of musings on Colombia’s art, music, film, literature and politics, with authoritative and representative contributions in myriad forms.” The Quietus

 “Finally! Something about Colombia that emphasizes its complexities, rich culture, and contributions, rather then overheated stereotypes. Sounds and Colours: Colombia is definitely on our holiday wish list, and it should probably be on yours as well.” Afropop Worldwide

“Most essential survey of the rich creative Colombian music, art, cinema and literature scenes yet.” God Is In The TV Zine

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by Typozon


Colombian Music
by Russell Slater

Andrés Landero, Musical Traditions & the Cultural Representation of the Sabana
by Bardo Martinez

by Russell Slater

Q&A: Eblis Javier Alvarez Vargas (Meridian Brothers)

Pernett: Out of the Lab and Into Your Computer
by Gina Vergel

Joe Arroyo
Tales of a Caribbean Troubador
by Alberto M Coronado

El Carnaval de Curramba (Barranquilla)
by Gina Vergel

Music as Resistance
The Story of Champeta
by Nicholas Carter

Photo Series
by Mirjam Wirz

Q&A: Hugo Candelario

Manu Chao in Colombia
by Russell Slater


Colombian Cinema
by Russell Slater

Colombian Cinema is Ready for It’s Close-Up
by Carlos A Gutiérrez

Q&A: Ciro Guerra

Film Reviews

Q&A: Marta Rodriguez


From the Soul of Colombia to the Heart of Venezuela
by Stephanie Kennedy

Voice of Witness: Danny’s Story

Colombia’s Quest for Peace and Justice
The International and National Context
by James Petras

The Sierra Nevada Indians
by Survival International

Colombia’s Cultural Mixology
by Jamie B. Gelbtuch

Pablo Escobar as Tourist Attraction
by Mindy Laughton


Ornament and Crime
by Humberto Junca Casas

A Gabriel Garcia Marquez Reader
by Gina Vergel

William S Burroughs’ Yage Letters
by Leslie Wylie

The Life and Work of Andrés Caicedo
by José Sandoval Zapata

The Taste of Others
by Jose Roca

Hector Abad’s Colombian Tragedy
by Ed Hart


by Ewald Vanvugt and Raul Amaru Linares

by Power Paola and Lido Pimienta


Each copy of the book includes a CD of new Colombian music, designed to accompany the articles in the book as well as promote some of the amazing new sounds coming out of Colombia.

1. Paíto y los Gaiteros de Punta Brava – Gajito de Uva
2. Los Pirañas – Monstruo Prometedor (Homenaje al Manzano)
3. Thornato – No Me Hagas Rogar De Mas (feat. Lido Pimienta)
4. Louis Towers – San Basilio
5. Esteban Copete y su Kinteto Pacifico – Abozaito
6. Calavera y la Popular Independiente – La Empeliculada
7. Pernett – Fantasía Tropical
8. La MiniTK del Miedo – La Muerte
9. Conector – Mujér Santuario
10. Son Palenque – Adios Batata
11. Las Malas Amistades – Apocalíptica
12. Planes (Estudios Universales) – Barco de Rio (Espiritualizado)
13. Andrés Gualdrón y los Animales Blancos – Niño Zombie (aterrador)
14. Meridian Brothers – El Jazz del Chupasangres
15. La Blanquita Farm – Phillip Dub
16. Mucho Indio – Ik’nusi