Transatlantic Ensemble Mestizo Preview Debut Album Ahead of UK Live Shows

By 22 March, 2023

British-Colombian ensemble Mestizo have released “Goldmine”, the second single from their forthcoming debut album Mestizo, bridging the worlds of Colombian traditional music, London jazz and hip-hop. 

Mestizo is the result of the musical exchange between British-Caribbean saxophonist and Steam Down founder Ahnansé and Colombian multi-instrumentalist and Mambo Negro Records label head Daniel Michel. Since they met for a collaborative performance in Bogotá four years ago, the pair have been trading ideas remotely until the opportunity arose for Ahnansé to take a small ensemble of British players to Colombia. There they recorded this album with some key figures in the Colombian music scene, including members of Ondatrópica, La Perla, Frente Cumbiero and Minyo Cumbiero. 

“Goldmine” is a real indication of the fusion Mestizo have created on this record, opening with a horn fanfare reminiscent of a South London Steam Down jam session, before we’re introduced to the marimba of Salomé Gómez Burbano which underpins the verses from Colombian rapper N. Hardem. The MC tells the story of a woman living in a Colombian gold mining community, a world in which rockets fly overhead while her local area doesn’t even have a sewage system. “Seek and you shall find, deep into the mine, we’re searching for the sun, it’s easy if you try” comes the refrain in the chorus, courtesy of vocalist Shantéh who draws on her musical experiences growing up in London throughout her work. At times the music sounds distinctly British, at others distinctly Colombian, and sometimes it could be either – or both. Perhaps that’s the point. 

The album release coincides with a string of upcoming UK live shows:

“Goldmine” is available to stream now, with full album Mestizo coming out 5th May via Mais Um.

Check out the live studio version of “Goldmine”:

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