Rebecca Wilson

With specific interest in music, film and photography, Rebecca Wilson writes about Latin culture in London, Latin America and Bristol - where she was editor-in-chief of BristoLatino online magazine and events. She focuses non-exclusively on Chile and Colombia - where she worked for a year at El Tiempo newspaper and CRACK production company. Instagram: @rebuenna


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By 01 May, 2020

Pablo Larraín updates our concept of the modern fiction film with Ema, a feature-length showreel of modern Valparaíso through emotive... Read Article

REVIEW Lido Pimienta – Miss Colombia

By 17 April, 2020

Miss Colombia, Lido Pimienta’s third album is a gloriously introspective album that delves into Pimienta’s complicated relationship to her birth country. Through harmony, rhythm and energetic production, Lido narrates a journey of acceptance, of discovering herself as a site of rich, painful and joyous fusion.