Rebecca Wilson

With specific interest in music, film and photography, Rebecca Wilson writes about Latin culture in London, Latin America and Bristol - where she was editor-in-chief of BristoLatino online magazine and events. She focuses non-exclusively on Chile and Colombia - where she worked for a year at El Tiempo newspaper and CRACK production company. Instagram: @rebuenna


Posts by Rebecca Wilson:

REVIEW Fantasy and humanity in ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’

By 23 August, 2021

Lauded by Guillermo del Toro and Stephen King, Issa López’s critically acclaimed Tigers Are Not Afraid, a harrowing and enthralling film shown through the eyes of a group of children in Mexico, where the cartel wars – and their devastating effects - are part of everyday life.

REVIEW A Postcolonial Retelling of La Llorona

By 24 July, 2021

Jayro Bustamante’s powerful postcolonial supernatural fable unearths the repressed horrors of the Guatemalan conflict through the story of a young Mayan maid who joins the household of a genocidal general