New Sounds of Chile #3

By 13 July, 2021

Continuing to shed light on the popular and contemporary musical landscape of the long and geographically diverse country of Chile, we share the newest sounds coming out of Latin America’s southern tip. It’s fair to say that electronic... Read Article

REVIEW Kinetica – Disco III

By 31 August, 2017

After a long hiatus, Kinetica is back with Disco III, an album that shows the constant evolution of a project notable for its perfect blend of vocals and electronic production. That’s mainly because the principal mind behind the project is... Read Article

Kinética – Desencuentro

By 29 July, 2011

This amazing video is the new single from Kinética‘s debut album, released last year. A hip-hop fuelled affair with monstrous bass and a cold delivery reminiscent of other new Chilean artists such as Fakuta and Caravana, this is... Read Article