Coyote Beatz

S&C1 // Sueños

S&C1 // Sueños

By 03 July, 2012

It’s always nice to have a concept behind any new project, so when I was choosing the tracks for this new compilation of music from across South America I decided that Sueños (translating as “dreams”) seemed like a... Read Article

Coyote Beatz – Coynstrumentals Vol. 1

REVIEW Coyote Beatz – Coynstrumentals Vol. 1

By 10 May, 2012

Coynstrumentals Vol. 1 is the first solo offering from Belo Horizonte’s Coyote Beatz. Completely instrumental, the album takes it’s cues from hip-hop and skate culture. Full of bold beats and varied textures it’s an outsider’s bet for album... Read Article