El Buho’s Fraternity Winter Mixtape

MIXTAPE El Buho’s Fraternity Winter Mixtape

By 10 December, 2011

A great mix here exploring the relationship between electronic music and South American folk music featuring artists such as El Remólon, Matanza and Cholita Sound. The mix is by our good friend El Buho – responsible for the... Read Article

El Suizo’s Pachamama Mixtape

MIXTAPE El Suizo’s Pachamama Mixtape

By 19 November, 2011

Here’s a bit of a special set from El Suizo aka Christoph H. Müller aka half of The Gotan Project in which he reconstructs a mix he originally played live at Ya Basta Festibal in Paris on October... Read Article

Rock In Rio (Day Three)

Rock In Rio (Day Three)

By 27 September, 2011

Day three was all about metal, with Slipknot, Metallica and Motorhead on the main stage, and the likes of Sepultura (Brazil’s biggest ever metal band!), Korzus and Angra on the Palco Sunset stage. However, our money as best... Read Article