Sukiyaki Steel Orchestra

Pernett “Al Caribe Volveré”

By 03 December, 2012

Brand new video from Colombia’s Pernett here. This is “Al Caribe Volveré”, a delirious slice of Caribbean vibes featuring Japan’s Sukiyaki Steel Orchestra. The video features footage shot during Pernett’s tour of Japan earlier this year. “Al Caribe... Read Article

Pernett – The Caribbean Computer

REVIEW Pernett – The Caribbean Computer

By 13 September, 2012

For his fifth body of work, Humberto Pernett has managed to release an album that is modern yet retro, folkloric yet futuristic. The Caribbean Computer, a happy hodgepodge of all these traits, drops in Colombia on September 25th.

Pernett: ‘Al Caribe Volvere’

Pernett: ‘Al Caribe Volvere’

By 15 August, 2012

What happens when you mix the production skills of Colombian “folkclor progresivo” artist Pernett with the steel drum prowess of Japan’s Sukiyahki Steel Orchestra? Why, a new track, of course. The prolific Humberto Pernett has graced us with the second track... Read Article