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Film Editor of Sounds and Colours, Art Journo for ByPlay, pusher of philosophy to children and practitioner of Philosophy as a Way of Life. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @NikoFirkin

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The Invisible Eye

REVIEW The Invisible Eye

By 08 March, 2012

Based on the book Ciencias Morales by Martin Kohan, The Invisible Eye (La Mirada Invisible) is a film about discipline and the stranger sides of sexuality, all set against the allegorical backdrop of a strict private school during... Read Article

The Zero Hour

REVIEW The Zero Hour

By 02 March, 2012

Zero Hour is a Venezuelan thriller with the usual mix of gun-blazing between slum-hardened gangsters and over-zealous police, except with the interesting twist that it’s set during a 24 hour medical strike based on real events in Caracas... Read Article

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

REVIEW Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

By 06 February, 2012

“Despite the many similarities to reality, this film is a work of fiction” There is something about Rio de Janeiro’s favelas which makes for cinematic gold. Brazil’s writers and directors seamlessly combine well-stylised action with documentary-grade realism and... Read Article

REVIEW Post Mortem

By 26 September, 2011

Pablo Larraín’s vision of Santiago, Chile in 1973 looks every bit as drab as Britain from the same time. The houses and people are adorned with the same beige and brown colours as you might expect from a... Read Article

¡Ay, Caramba! Colombiana and Controversy

¡Ay, Caramba! Colombiana and Controversy

By 22 September, 2011

Luc Besson has something of a winning formula for action films. Take an unconventionally beautiful leading lady, give her some emotional problems, plenty of guns and loads of baddies to shoot at. Colombiana is no different: Catalaya’s parents... Read Article

Head Over Heels / De Pernas Pro Ar

REVIEW Head Over Heels / De Pernas Pro Ar

By 04 September, 2011

Head over Heels is a chick-flick comedy set firmly in the tradition of Sex and the City, Bridget Jones diary and the like; but it uses its Latin American setting to highlight a slightly different set of trials... Read Article

Beyond the Road / Por el Camino

REVIEW Beyond the Road / Por el Camino

By 01 September, 2011

The road movie can act as a sort of substitute for old fashioned travel writing. The atmosphere of the location’s main attractions can be woven into a narrative framework to give the kind of living, breathing brochure which... Read Article

Elvis e Madona

REVIEW Elvis e Madona

By 23 May, 2011

“Only in Copacabana could you find Elvis and Madona, together, live in colour.” The bars and beaches of this famous Rio district form part of the backdrop for what is essentially a simple love story, albeit with some... Read Article