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Sarazino – Everyday Salama

REVIEW Sarazino – Everyday Salama

By 31 May, 2012

There is no one thing, one word, one sound to describe Sarazino’s new album, Everyday Salama.  The 15 track project blends dub, reggae, Afro, Latin, hip hop and Arabic music just to name a few.  Each track with... Read Article

Sarazino “Es Mi Momento”

By 13 May, 2012

Brand new video in anticipation of Sarazino‘s new album Everyday Salama. Sarazino provides this breakthrough single entitled “Es Mi Momento” (featuring Niyo Pumpin) by way of Quito, Ecuador but has called many countries home, with West Africa, as... Read Article

Luisa Maita announces North American tour

Luisa Maita announces North American tour

By 15 September, 2010

Since hearing Luísa Maita‘s delightful first single “Lero-Lero” we’ve been a little bit smitten with this lady, finding out about her history and ambitions as well as finding out what records have had a big influence on her;... Read Article