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Colombia’s Colectro Release New Album ‘Coletera’

By 22 September, 2016

Bogotá-based Colectro, known for their style of folkloric-tinged rock, which they coined coletera, have released a new album. Coletera, which dropped the 25th of August, is 12-tracks of high energy Caribbean-infused music with elements of bullerengue, son de negro, jalao and chalupa; mixed with electrónica and soukous. It’s... Read Article

MIXTAPE Cal Jader’s Cumbia Bounce 2012

By 09 November, 2012

Cal Jader, the main man behind London’s Latin music promoters Movimientos, has just put together this amazing mix of cumbia and we wanted to share it with you. The mix features both old and new styles of cumbia,... Read Article

Channelling Cumbia with Leon Murcia

Channelling Cumbia with Leon Murcia

By 06 April, 2012

Leon Murcia is a man of cumbia. He was born to a mother of African descent and a father with indigenous blood. Spending his formative years in Barranquilla on Colombia’s Atlantic coast, his own upbringing very much epitomises... Read Article