Tiger’s Milk Records

REVIEW Olaya Sound System – Quién Es Quién

By 10 November, 2015

The roots of Peruvian music are inspiring fresh new fusions from fertile bands like Bareto, Pangolin Sound System and Chintatá. It’s not just about them putting value in their immensely rich musical traditions, it’s about the knowledge, the... Read Article

REVIEW Kanaku Y El Tigre – Quema Quema Quema

By 15 June, 2015

The evolution of Kanaku y el Tigre is apparent with their new album Quema, Quema, Quema. The Peruvian indie-folk band have expanded their sound with Anglo-influences and vintage undertones. Known for their psych-folk-tinged music, their latest is a... Read Article

REVIEW Various Artists – Peru Bravo

By 05 November, 2014

On their second compilation, the London-based Peruvian-focused label Tiger’s Milk Records have truly provided a document of what’s great about 60s and 70s Peruvian music. It’s all about the soul and those fiery guitar lines. Peru Bravo, which... Read Article

Black Sugar “Checan”

By 23 October, 2014

Peru Bravo is the excellent new compilation from Tiger’s Milk Records, bringing together 15 tracks of soul, funk and rock ‘n’ roll from Peruvian’s golden era, of the late 60s and 70s. Black Sugar were one of the... Read Article