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Mr Bongo Website Launched

Mr Bongo Website Launched

By 11 November, 2011

Mr Bongo have released a number of quality Brazilian film and music releases over the years. In the past it’s been a little tricky to find out more about those releases. Well, not anymore. They have just released... Read Article

Psychedelic Pernambuco

REVIEW Psychedelic Pernambuco

By 01 September, 2011

Listening to Psychedelic Pernambuco for the first time was akin to when I was first given a copy of The Roots of Chicha. On first listen I couldn’t believe this music actually existed, that it was so damn... Read Article

R.I.P – Lula Côrtes (1950-2011)

By 31 March, 2011

Only yesterday I was sitting in my car enjoying the delights of a new Mr Bongo release entitled Psychedelic Pernambuco. Among the many delights on the CD were a number of tracks by Lula Côrtes, some solo and... Read Article