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Azymuth – Aurora

REVIEW Azymuth – Aurora

By 19 April, 2011

Still comprised of the original three members who started the group in 1972, Azymuth are approaching the end of their fourth decade together in a style all their own. Aurora continues the productive association they’ve had since the... Read Article

REVIEW The Creole Choir of Cuba – Tande-La

By 12 December, 2010

Cuba is best known for son, the grab bag of styles that features many of the building blocks of salsa. But it also has a large community descended from Haitian immigrants, who speak French Creole, and their traditional... Read Article

REVIEW AfroCubism

By 11 December, 2010

It’s not always a disaster when plans go astray. Fourteen years after the celebrated sessions in Havana that gave rise to the Buena Vista Social Club, AfroCubism is a re-imagining of how that record might have sounded if... Read Article