Alex & Daniel

Best Albums Of 2013

By 20 December, 2013

There is little doubt that it has been a great year for South American music. The proof of that can be found in how hard it was for us to select just 20 albums as representing the cream... Read Article

New Gepe Video Upsets Anonymous Youtube Critics

By 13 June, 2013

If you’re anything like me (which hopefully you’re not), you’ll find that there’s very little ‘fun’ about funfairs. Headache-inducing neon, screaming teenagers, and getting flung through the air while strapped into suspiciously rickety-looking machinery is not my first... Read Article

REVIEW Alex Anwandter and Gepe – Alex & Daniel

By 16 March, 2013

Santiago’s indy-electro-pop crossover zone has provided Chile with a lot of upbeat, energetic music in recent times and a new record unites two of the scene’s kingpins in a first-time collaboration. Alex & Daniel brings together frisky hipster... Read Article