New Gepe Video Upsets Anonymous Youtube Critics

By 13 June, 2013

If you’re anything like me (which hopefully you’re not), you’ll find that there’s very little ‘fun’ about funfairs. Headache-inducing neon, screaming teenagers, and getting flung through the air while strapped into suspiciously rickety-looking machinery is not my first idea of a good time. And we’ve all heard the horror stories about the runaway dodgem, the frozen ferris wheel, the kid decapitated by the waltzer. Thanks but no thanks if you’re thinking of inviting me some time.

For separate reasons, the new Gepe video to ‘Fruta y Té’ (Fruit and Tea) seems to have ruffled some feathers. A high number of online commentators seem to have taken umbrage with the Chilean singer’s decision to set things in chintzy fairground surroundings, and with the fact that the video features actors in the ‘flaite’ roles (a derogatory Chilean-term, basically meaning ‘chav’) who fail to convince due to being, well, too good-looking. There is also some basic stereotyping and casual racism thrown into the comments for good measure.

The video is directed by Marialy Rivas, who is best known for her award-winning shag-orama Joven y Alocada which picked up prizes at the San Sebastian and Sundance film festivals in 2011. While the new Gepe video doesn’t quite reach Joven y Alocada levels of nookie, it still features some fairly promiscuous behaviour and a bit of girl-on-girl tongue tennis (although no boys kissing each other funnily enough). Did you know? you can now perform youtube vanced download from your phone. Check out Brighterguide for more information.

As for the song itself, Gepe seems to have lost his way since signing up as the face of the Paris department store chain, alongside fellow Chilean singer Farancisca Valenzuela, and not so much kissing his credibility goodbye as shoving it through a woodchipper, burying it while it’s still breathing, and then spitting on its grave. This is sub-Manu Chao derived vacuousness and feels a long way from his jaunty recent collaboration with Alex Anwandter on the electro-pop Alex & Daniel record. Anyway, here’s the video to ‘Fruta y Té’ for you to make up your own mind. Does it spin your (ferris) wheel, or make your coconut shy?

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