New Sounds of Chile #4

By 30 September, 2021

It’s close to the end of september, Chilean Independence Month, so we are back again with a fresh dose of Chilean alternative music, going from rap to electronic, pop and other sonic explorations, including touches of the country’s... Read Article

Best Albums of 2018

By 21 December, 2018

Time for our round-up of the best albums of the year and, as ever, the criteria remains the same. These are the albums by Latin American and Latin American-descendant artists that we think are the best of the... Read Article

S&C New Latin Music Playlist #2

By 16 May, 2017

The spring and start of summer are a fruitful time for new music releases, which may explain why we’ve been inundated with new music. As usual, the quality has been high and the choices as eclectic as always.... Read Article

Chile’s Gepe On First Full-length U.S. tour

By 21 April, 2016

Chile’s Gepe, real name Daniel Riveros, will kick off his first full-length tour of the United States with a show at New York City’s SOBs on Monday, 25th of April (tickets here). The musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist, whose fifth studio album... Read Article