REVIEW Gepe – Estilo Libre

By 01 October, 2015

When I first listened to Gepe on Gepinto (2005), it felt very much like an addition to a folk ambient movement that was going on in Santiago at the time (arguably still present), probably most exemplified by the... Read Article

Best Albums Of 2011

Best Albums Of 2011

By 16 December, 2011

The time has come again to choose our favourite albums of the year. It’s a task that’s never easy, especially after the bumper year we’ve had, with great music coming from all over South America, reflected in the... Read Article

¡Viva Sudamerica! New Sounds of South America

MIXTAPE ¡Viva Sudamerica! New Sounds of South America

By 05 August, 2011

New mixtape celebrating some of the exciting new sounds coming out of South America. Features Chile’s electro-innovators El Sueño De La Casa Propia, Argentina’s quality indie-popsters Valentin y los Volcanes, great new voices from Brazil in the shape... Read Article

Caravana – Despacio

By 29 July, 2011

We’re big fans of Caravana, giving their self-titled debut album a pretty good review earlier this year. “Despacio” is the first single off that album, a slow-burning, almost-apocalyptic anthem which is allied here with stunning photography from Europe,... Read Article

Kinética – Desencuentro

By 29 July, 2011

This amazing video is the new single from Kinética‘s debut album, released last year. A hip-hop fuelled affair with monstrous bass and a cold delivery reminiscent of other new Chilean artists such as Fakuta and Caravana, this is... Read Article

Dj deMentira – Último Lugar Mixtape

MIXTAPE Dj deMentira – Último Lugar Mixtape

By 16 June, 2011

DJ deMentira’s Último Lugar mixtape is a collection of everything that’s great about Chilean music right now, featuring artists like Gepe, Fakuta and de Janeiros that have found a way of making modern music sound timeless!

Caravana — Caravana

REVIEW Caravana — Caravana

By 04 May, 2011

Caravana starts ominously with “Reconocer”, a thundering, sludgy piece of dark pop in the vein of The National and The Walkmen. As the album continues though light begins to slip through, revealing a highly inventive, textured pop album.