Cidadao Instigado

Best Albums of 2015

By 16 December, 2015

The criteria for our annual year-end list is simple: these are collectively our favourite South American albums of the year, which is to say that they are albums that either hail from South America or feature South American... Read Article

Free Download: 10 New South American Albums

By 13 April, 2015

Here’s our latest round-up of new South American albums available for free download. Featuring everything from harsh IDM to Chilean rap and Brazilian jazz to experimental pop, there really should be something for everyone here. Ten great reasons... Read Article

Cidadão Instigado vs Mauro Pawlowski

By 20 January, 2012

Here’s a clip from the Vamos Brasil festival – which took place in Belgium last year – featuring one of our favourite Brazilian bands Cidadão Instigado rehearsing with Belgian musicians Mauro Pawlowski and Rodrigo Fuentealba. The festival was... Read Article

Cidadão Instigado – O Tempo

By 11 November, 2011

Can’t believe we’ve only just found out about this little gem. This is “O Tempo”, taken from Cidadão Instigado’s 2005 album E O Método Tufo de Experiências. And this has got to be one of the best Brazilian... Read Article

Karina Buhr – Longe de Onde

REVIEW Karina Buhr – Longe de Onde

By 20 October, 2011

The choice of “Carapalavra” as first track on Longe de Onde instantly marks this out as a different album to Karina Buhr‘s debut Eu Mentí Pra Voce. The screeching guitars and twisted wordplay of this opening song signal... Read Article

Rock In Rio (Day Six)

Rock In Rio (Day Six)

By 06 October, 2011

The less said about Rock in Rio‘s main stage on day six the better, but Palco Sunset did once more throw up some interesting combinations, and there was a great looking line-up of Joe Claussell, Francois K and... Read Article