Copacabana Club

Copacabana Club – Tropical Splash

REVIEW Copacabana Club – Tropical Splash

By 05 March, 2012

When I first heard Copacabana Club I was a little bit dubous, as I always am when I hear South American music with English lyrics. Generally, the music has to be that little bit extra special to make up for the fact that the band are stepping away from their native tongue in order to widen their appeal. However, after one minute of "Mrs Melody" I was sold. This is simply great pop music.

Copacabana Club – Just Do It

By 19 July, 2011

Copacabana Club released their excellent debut album Tropical Splash only a few weeks ago. It’s hyperactive mix of vocals, spiky guitar riffs and pop melodies worthy of the B-52s instantly caught our attention, and we gave the album... Read Article