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Conector II

REVIEW Conector II

By 11 May, 2012

Any person who spent their teenage years in Latin America in the mid-90s will have danced to “Bolero Falaz”, one of Colombian rock band Aterciopelados’ biggest hits. And who was the mastermind behind that amazingly catchy track? Not... Read Article


REVIEW Liverpool

By 12 April, 2012

I set about watching Liverpool with enthusiasm, thinking I was about to discover a gem of the Argentinean B-class film industry. Unknown actors, a storyline that didn’t give much away, the barren landscape of the south of Argentina…... Read Article


REVIEW Carancho

By 02 March, 2012

A film directed by Pablo Trapero (El Bonaerense, Crane World, Rolling Family) and acted by Ricardo Darín (The Secret in their Eyes, Luna de Avellaneda, The Son of the Bride) is an artistic concoction meant to be unforgettable.... Read Article

City Sounds: Buenos Aires

By 01 June, 2011

Like every other big city in the world, there is a musicality that oozes from the streets of Buenos Aires. The incessant humming of old, rusty buses trying to make their way through cobbled roads, explosive symphonies of... Read Article