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REVIEW Sonido Gallo Negro – Mambo Cósmico

By 06 April, 2018

When the current renaissance in cumbia got rolling in European about 18 years ago it was natural that its Peruvian psychedelic upstart cousin chicha would follow soon after. Labels like the incredible Vampisoul were showcasing Peruvian underground psych... Read Article

REVIEW Gitkin – Five Star Motel

By 26 March, 2018

The press blurb about the debut LP from Gitkin talks about inspiration coming from the artist’s wandering guitar salesman uncle and the international influences he came into contact with along the way. It makes sense of what is... Read Article

Captain Planet – Cookin’ Gumbo

REVIEW Captain Planet – Cookin’ Gumbo

By 31 October, 2011

DJs frequently have two fundamental urges in constant conflict. The first is their natural tendency to want to bring new music to people, the second, their slightly miserly tendency to withhold the identities of their best tunes from... Read Article