Juan Data

Juan Data is a music journalist and DJ, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who currently lives in San Francisco, CA. He has written for a variety of magazines and websites in both English and Spanish. His blog Hard Data is regularly updated with music reviews and news.

Website: latinbutcool.blogspot.com

Posts by Juan Data:

El Sonido De Tupac Amaru

REVIEW El Sonido De Tupac Amaru

By 08 May, 2011

I would never have believed it if six years ago somebody told me that Peruvian psychedelic cumbia, also known as chicha, would become somewhat hip amongst white people in the northern hemisphere, and that luxurious vinyl reissues would... Read Article

Murga: The Unknown Buenos Aires’ Carnival

By 13 February, 2011

Throughout Latin America, carnival traditions are intrinsically tied to the African slave descendents and their culture and struggle. It’s said that during colonial times, the week of carnival (a Christian traditional celebration of pagan origins that happens right... Read Article

Andrés Calamaro – Beyond Prolific

By 02 August, 2010

Prolific is usually the key word that pops up in any intent of describing Argentine singer-songwriter Andrés Calamaro. He must have hundreds more songs released than anybody else in Latin rock. Granted they’re not all pieces of genius... Read Article