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REVIEW Bajofondo – Presente

By 17 May, 2013

Spending an evening listening to Presente is, I imagine, a bit like spending a night round a table with the eight members of the Bajofondo collective themselves. You leave with stories from every corner of Argentina and Uruguay... Read Article

REVIEW Bomba Estereo – Elegancia Tropical

By 12 January, 2013

Approval of South American music outside the continent can be evidenced in a number of ways. Brazilian Bossa Nova is now synonymous for elevator music, and artists like Juanes pack out stadiums worldwide. If Bomba Estereo had not... Read Article

Raising Resistance

REVIEW Raising Resistance

By 03 April, 2012

How do we meet the ever increasing demand for food, without harming small farmers and relying on genetically modified monocultures? That is the premise of director Bettina Borgfeld’s 2011 documentary Raising Resistance screened last week as part of... Read Article



By 19 March, 2012

The biopic of a thinking-mans’ criminal, set in mid-century Brazil, has a lot of potential given past cinematic triumphs based around the same theme. Unfortunately, the rise and fall of any gangster film plotline also applies to an... Read Article