In a Nutshell

Funk Carioca: The Beat Goes On

By 17 June, 2014

The history of funk carioca tells the story of Rio’s favelas and their place in the city. It’s a story of creativity, oppression and resistance. Although those from outside as well as inside the favelas criticize its current... Read Article

In a Nutshell: Mangue Beat

By 14 June, 2011

In 1992, in the Bar de Dona Edna, in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, the musician and cultural agitator Francisco de Assis França announced to his friends, “I mixed a hip-hop beat with a maracatu groove and it turned out... Read Article

In a Nutshell: Candombe

By 28 November, 2010

It’s impossible to spend anytime in Montevideo, Uruguay, without suddenly feeling like you’re in the middle of a parade. The sound of drums are everywhere … maybe even more so than in Brazil. It all has to do... Read Article

In a Nutshell: Cumbia

By 11 June, 2010

“In my land people dance to cumbia with candles and the drum gets happy.” Muchachas Cumbiamberas, Andres Landero During my first visit to South America I held Cumbia in nothing but total disdain. It seemed to be a... Read Article

In a Nutshell: Forró

By 08 May, 2010

Forró is music for dancing! Developed in the North-east of Brazil, it is characterised by its weaving accordion and insistent rhythms and is one of the most popular forms of music in Brazil. In fact, although samba is... Read Article

Caetano Veloso in MPB Concert

What Is Brazilian MPB Music?

By 19 April, 2010

MPB is an acronym for Música Popular Brasileira or, in English, Brazilian Pop Music. It’s an amalgamation of styles that really took hold in the 70s and now accounts for a significant amount of the music made in... Read Article