Sounds of Mexico #10

By 06 October, 2021

Throughout the year I have talked about the different sources of inspiration that Mexican artists draw on, and this great variety of musical styles continues to innovate and surprise. On this occasion I would like to highlight the... Read Article

Sounds of Mexico #9

By 02 September, 2021

The nostalgia of the 50s is present in 2021. The way artists are finding innovation is in the past, in mixing styles, in retro effects, in fusion at its best, in the music that sounds at every party,... Read Article

REVIEW Fantasy and humanity in ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’

By 23 August, 2021

Lauded by Guillermo del Toro and Stephen King, Issa López’s critically acclaimed Tigers Are Not Afraid, a harrowing and enthralling film shown through the eyes of a group of children in Mexico, where the cartel wars – and their devastating effects - are part of everyday life.

Sounds of Mexico #8

By 14 July, 2021

It is becoming less and less common to pigeonhole a song into a genre, so by using experiences, specific moments, and even moods so a listener can get a better feel for them, is a way that allows... Read Article

Sounds of Mexico #7

By 07 June, 2021

Mexico has a wealth of musical proposals, and just as there are many projects that have traditional and folkloric roots, there are innovative proposals with distinct elements somewhere between pop and urban. What’s more, these proposals are reaching... Read Article

Sounds of Mexico #6

By 21 April, 2021

In this edition, the musical exploration of the bolero and its different facets coincide. In Mexico lately, there have been many artists returning to the sounds of years gone by, while still trying to retain a modern essence.... Read Article