2nd Brazilian Film Festival of London

Time of Fear (Salve Geral)

REVIEW Time of Fear (Salve Geral)

By 09 September, 2010

After a brief depiction of youthful urban life in Sao Paulo, the life of Rafa (Lee Thaler) is turned upside down in little more than “15 seconds”. The director, Sergio Rezende, showcases a fictional story about a series... Read Article

Blue Eyes (Olhos Azuis)

REVIEW Blue Eyes (Olhos Azuis)

By 31 August, 2010

Not an easy watch, but in the best way; a pretty heavy, dark and brooding independent film with a twist that refreshingly speaks up and makes a poetically ironic and bold comment on the American immigration system and... Read Article

REVIEW Tamboro

By 31 August, 2010

If there is one film that should be used as an introduction for anyone wanting to visit Brazil it is this. Situated somewhere between an elaborate tourism advert and Godfrey Reggio’s Koyaanisqatsi this is a lush slow-burning voyage... Read Article

Times of Peace (Tempos de Paz)

REVIEW Times of Peace (Tempos de Paz)

By 31 August, 2010

A man arrives in Brazil looking to start a new life on the day the Second World War finishes. However, Brazil is technically still at war. Customs officials suspect he is a Nazi seeking refuge. Locked in a... Read Article