Psilosamples – Mental Surf

REVIEW Psilosamples – Mental Surf

By 08 February, 2012

Electronic music can often be dry, insincere, bereft of personality; none of these things are the case with Psilosamples, an artist from Pouso Alegre who spends a lot of time in Sao Paulo. His music mixes the infectious... Read Article

M. Takara 3 playing Live IGTV Session

By 08 September, 2011

Two great new videos of M. Takara 3 performing for IGTV. First video is for an unreleased track “Brasil Egito” and the second is “Espelho”, one of the highlights of their last album Sobre todas e qualquer coisa.... Read Article


REVIEW Metá-Metá

By 22 May, 2011

The first album by Metá-Metá achieves two remarkable things; it manages to sound unbelievably fresh as well as sounding as if it could have come from Brazilian music’s hey-day of the 1960s.

Metá-Metá — Oranian

By 19 May, 2011

Great video from the great new album from Metá-Metá. You can download this album in full here and even watch each song accompanied by videos such as these using the fancy new Bagagem application they’ve got. Nice!

Metá-Metá Release Debut Album

Metá-Metá Release Debut Album

By 17 May, 2011

Today, Metá-Metá, featuring the combined talents of Juçara Marçal, Kiko Dinucci and Thiago França, released their first album album, simply entitled Metá-Metá.