Metá-Metá Release Debut Album

By 17 May, 2011

Today, Metá-Metá, featuring the combined talents of Juçara Marçal, Kiko Dinucci and Thiago França, released their first album album, simply entitled Metá-Metá.

This is a release that’s almost as exciting as the recent Criolo album, featuring two of our favourite Brazilian artists in the shape of the great singer Juçara Marçal and versatile guitarist Kiko Dinucci. The presence of saxophonist Thiago França is simply the cherry on top.

We featured what was an unreleased track from this album, as well as a previously released effort from Juçara Marçal in our recent Nossa, Cara! New Sounds of Sao Paulo compilation, collecting some of the great new names in Brazilian music.

The album is free to download from Kiko Dinucci’s website. It’s available as a mp3 as well as via a program called Bagagem which allows the listener to watch exclusive videos for all the songs as well as add a few comments at the same time. The album will later be released physically by Desmonta.

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