Free Download: 1991’s 199X EP from Chile’s Dilema Industria

By | 17 September, 2014

There are few years in world history which rival the sheer historical tumult of 1991. The collapse of the Soviet Union. The original Gulf War. Esko Aho becomes the youngest ever prime minister of Finland at the age of 36. And, in North London, Arsenal win the first division league title, inspired in no small part by mercurial Swedish superstar Anders Limpar. Yes, it was a year of peaks and troughs, alright.

Now, our friends at Chilean hip hop and electro label Dilema Industria have revived memories of that momentous time with their latest release, the 199X EP from 1991, the moniker of Santiago beats producer Daniel Klauser. 199X is a series of hip hop-flecked cuts and samples that reconfirms Klauser as one of the Chilean scene’s most interesting artists. Track 4, ‘I Free You’, is making us particularly giddy.

As always, the Dilema crew are not asking for anything in return, and have made 199X available as a free download from their website. We’re very much enjoying the new work of a label that is just going from strength to strength. You can check 1991 out for yourself at the following link. Now, where’s our Global Hypercolor t-shirt and Bart Simpson jeans?

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