We Are The Grand release new video for ‘Ecstasy’

By 24 October, 2013

The new video from Chilean indie outfit We Are The Grand takes minimal to new levels, possibly referred to as maximum-minimal. The song is ‘Ecstasy’ from the band’s recent album Until the Morning, and the video appears to feature little more than a white canvas with some eyeballs poking out, like those unseen beasties that dwell  in forest shadows, until your retinas grow accustomed to the blank void and the four figures that the eyes belong to gradually emerge. This is like cocaine dropped in the snow. Or looking at a slightly-smudged wall.

Remember Sinead O’Connor’s video for ‘Nothing Compares 2 U‘? Well, that’s Fela Kuti in comparison. If the concept is to make an ironic dig at the overly flamboyant nature of so many music videos, fair enough, I get that, but actually the lack of expression detracts in this case as it provokes the reaction, ‘Is anything going to happen here?’ Still, there’s something spookily statuesque about it, even if the boys do look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man‘s urchin siblings.

But, as I wrote before, this is a good band, with a heavily-anglicised style (maybe that explains the conservative tone), whose public profile has been steadily rising thanks to the catchy buzziness of their songwriting, and a series of notable gigs both in Chile and abroad. Until the Morning is one of the best guitar-led albums to have come out of Chile recently, with ‘Ecstasy’ filling the ‘post-modern ballad’ category. It’s slightly lighter in tone than the rest of the record, which you can listen to on the We Are The Grand official website. Here’s the video as well. Don’t adjust the brightness on your screen.


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