New video for Electrodomésticos’ ‘No Me Digas’

By 17 October, 2013

The new video from Chile’s Electrodomésticos emphasises the distance travelled by the band since their origins in the 80s playing in clandestine underground sweatboxes during the Pinochet dictatorship. Once symbolic of a new wave of disaffected young Chileans trapped within the confines of military rule, today Electrodomésticos are elder statespersons of the national alternative scene. Their early success was indicative of a generation who craved its own subculture, having been aroused by the external sounds of punk, disco and electro which managed to avoid state censorship and find their way into the country.

The band, led by singer-guitarist Carlos Cabezas and bassist Silvio Paredes, broke up in the early 90s with both going on to achieve success elsewhere, Cabezas primarily as a solo artist and Paredes in the experimental electro-funk outfit Los Mismos. Their most recent incarnation, with the addition of Edita Rojas on drums, coincided with the excellent documentary Electrodomésticos:El Frio Misterio, directed by Sergio Castro, which charted the band’s rise on the underground scene to their modern status as figureheads of national music.

The new video for ‘No Me Digas’ (Don’t Tell Me), the second single from this year’s Se Caiga el Cielo, highlights the band’s elevated stature, filmed at the album’s launch concert in Santiago’s Teatro Municipal, Chile’s grandest theatre. It follows the clip-style format, showing snatches of soundchecks and bonhomie before the crowds pile in and the concert gets under way. A pretty cool stage show, slick and impressively put together, gives a strong impression of what the band is these days: still in touch with its original following, but representative of the strides taken by Chilean society since those 80s days, even if it’s fair to say that the pulsating energy of those illegal gigs has been somewhat replaced by the swaggering professionalism of a band very much revelling in the lofty regard with which they are held today.

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