Pulsating Rhythms from São Paulo’s Response Pirituba

By 13 February, 2014

My favourite track off Mais Um Discos‘ last compilation, Daora – Underground Sounds of Urban Brasil, was undoubtedly Response Pirituba‘s “M. B. Williams”, a frenetic, pulsating groove that builds and builds into a wall of sound, a variety of synth grooves locking into the already potent mix of drum and bass.

Response Pirituba is the project of Marcos Gerez (Hurtmold) and Cleber Dantas (Polara). It was initially created as a side project from their other bands, using ideas that they’d not had the chance to use elsewhere, but increasingly it’s sounding like its own thing, with a strong sonic identity of keyboards, loops and drums (with Miguel Gerez adding live drums to some of their recordings).

“M. B. Williams” has been released on the almighty Desmonta Discos as a 7″/digital download together with “Boro”, a subtler though no less hypnotic track from the duo. It’s fair to say this is a band we’ll be keeping an eye on.

If you’re lucky enough to be in SP you can see them live on February 18th at SESC Pompeia.

Listen to both tracks below:

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