Tulipa Ruiz Remixed

By 01 July, 2014

If I was to name my favourite female Brazilian artist there would be little debate. There was a time when I was certain that Karina Buhr would be the one to blow me away, but she has yet to release a truly knock-out album. This is in contrast to Tulipa Ruiz, who has already released two of them, 2010’s Efêmera and 2012’s Tudo Tanto. Tulipa’s songs are pure poetry, micro-stories of life in São Paulo. On her first album these stories were accompanied by simple guitar and piano motifs, letting her voice steal the show. By the second record she’d already expanded her sound, collaborating with a wide variety of artists for a denser sound that still let her voice and lyrics steal the limelight.

On her new single, Tulipa Remixes, she has let two of São Paulo’s most interesting musicians remix two of her songs. Rica Amabis takes on “Aqui” from her debut album, with the help of carioca rapper BNegão, while Daniel Ganjaman (producer of Criolo, Sabotage, Racionais MC’s) opts for “Víbora” from Tudo Tanto. Both see the songs completely re-invented and are well worth a listen. Just check the videos below.

If you read Portuguese you can find out a little more at rollingstone.uol.com.br/blog/sobe-o-som/tulipa-ruiz-lanca-compacto-com-remixes-criados-por-rica-amabis-e-daniel-ganjaman-e-participacao-de-bnegao.

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