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Building Self-Sufficient Communities in Rio’s Favelas

By Rosie Thornton 12 August, 2022

The favela community of Vale Encantado in Rio de Janeiro are using a biosystem for sewage treatment and solar panels to make their neighbourhood economically and environmentally self-sufficient, while facing down a long-term threat of eviction.  Nestled in... Read Article

REVIEW O Estopim

By 22 September, 2016

The case of Amarildo de Souza, the bricklayer who was tortured to death by UPP Military Officers of Rocinha favela on 14th July, 2013, made waves across Brazil and abroad. The story became a symbol of people’s attitudes... Read Article

Funk Carioca: The Beat Goes On

By 17 June, 2014

The history of funk carioca tells the story of Rio’s favelas and their place in the city. It’s a story of creativity, oppression and resistance. Although those from outside as well as inside the favelas criticize its current... Read Article

Rio Breaks — Life in the Favela

Rio Breaks — Life in the Favela

By 17 May, 2011

This week is Rio Breaks week on Sounds and Colours. We are bringing you a clip of the film every day, getting your juices going for its upcoming UK cinematic release. Today we’ve got a clip featuring Fabio... Read Article

Hermano – a review of the slums

Hermano – a review of the slums

By 10 January, 2011

Stephanie Kennedy, Sounds and Colours Venezuelan correspondent, takes a close look at life in Caracas’ slums, reacting to both the consequences of recent bad weather, and the release of Hermano, a new feature film set in the area.... Read Article