Uruguay’s Tree People

Uruguay’s Tree People

By 27 April, 2012

We wanted to bring you these quite brilliant photos of Uruguay’s Tree People, a new street art project by Pablo S. Herrero and David de la Mano in Montevideo, Uruguay. Any sense that Montevideo had of being a... Read Article

Guarco – Fiebre

REVIEW Guarco – Fiebre

By 17 August, 2011

I was really disappointed upon first listening to Guarco‘s debut album Fiebre. The press release spoke of an artist who had learnt his craft in Montevideo, perfecting Afro-Uruguayan rhythms on guitar. I expected an album bringing the complex... Read Article

The Blueberries – London Eye

By 02 June, 2011

The Blueberries are a new band from Uruguay mixing the New York swagger of The Strokes with something a bit more danceable. This is their home video for “London Eye”, a song which they hope to make a... Read Article

10 Questions With The Blueberries

10 Questions With The Blueberries

By 01 June, 2011

The Blueberries are a new band from Uruguay. Last December they made their debut available for free from their website. Currently they are dreaming of a European tour, or that’s what we found out when we asked them... Read Article

In a Nutshell: Candombe

By 28 November, 2010

It’s impossible to spend anytime in Montevideo, Uruguay, without suddenly feeling like you’re in the middle of a parade. The sound of drums are everywhere … maybe even more so than in Brazil. It all has to do... Read Article

City Sounds: Montevideo

By 20 May, 2010

In many ways Montevideo is seen as synonymous with Buenos Aires. They are both capital cities of countries that lay claim to being the originators of Tango (Carlos Gardel, the master of Tango, was born in Uruguay yet... Read Article