Review Carmen Sandiego – Ciudad Dormitorio


Carmen Sandiego’s latest album Ciudad Dormitorio is a testament to the fact that the Uruguayan band is born of a millennial generation. The album’s opening track, “Generación 2002,” makes that last statement a no-brainer, but it’s the Uruguayan band’s happy-go-lucky sound that really speaks to the feeling of youth throughout.

Like the majority of contemporary indie music, Carmen Sandiego play in a way that sounds simultaneously sloppy and endearing. Neither the vocals nor the musicality of Ciudad Dormitorio are anything to write home about, but precision and depth don’t seem to be Carmen Sandiego’s intention.

If anything, this band’s purpose is to provide a soundtrack to the pseudo-reflective, fun-loving teens and twenty-somethings. Songs like “Monja en la Fiesta” and “Fiat 600” evoke the kind of music you’d hear at a house party, dancing around under fluorescent lights and drinking cheap beer, while “Mi Pierna Derecha” and “Sos Más Bien” make for an introspective day alone.

Despite their lack of technical talent, Carmen Sandiego manage to present a diverse group of songs on Ciudad Dormitorio, creating space for both the bliss and conviction of being young. The songs jump from a carefree, hands-in-the-air feeling to bittersweet nostalgia.

Carmen Sandiego is undoubtedly still a young band, and it will be interesting to see if and how they continue to progress down the road. But regardless of how they grow, they’ve been able to capture the feeling of adolescence perfectly — not just for the kids in Montevideo, Uruguay, but around the world.

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