10 Questions With The Blueberries

By 01 June, 2011

The Blueberries are a new band from Uruguay. Last December they made their debut available for free from their website. Currently they are dreaming of a European tour, or that’s what we found out when we asked them a few questions recently.

Where are you guys from?
We are from Montevideo, Uruguay, South America, Planet Earth, Solar System.

Would you say there is a music scene in Montevideo, or in Uruguay in general?
There’s a small music scene in general, mostly located in Montevideo. As a main city most things happening in the country are concentrated there. The truth is that there are lots of good artists doing really great stuff, but unfortunately we can’t say the same for the spaces. There’s a severe lack of spaces, so it’s very hard for young bands to start getting a name.

When did you form?
We started in 2008 with a different lineup from the current one. Some people came and went, leaving their own mark.We started playing some covers of songs we liked, and then we started to develop our own identity and create our own thing.

Here’s the band’s home video for “Lucky People”:

Which has been your most enjoyable show so far?
That’s a difficult question as we’ve shared the stage with so many great artists, such as Pablo Krantz and Max Capote. If we have to mention just one, it would be one in a bar called BJ, which is now extinct. It was a long weekend and there was a weather alert – Uruguayans don’t go out when it’s raining. We had a crowd of about 30 people and they were Spartans, jumping and giving back all the energy we gave out. It ended with Santiago jumping off of the stage, where a guy started biting his guitar strings while Ernesto shredded on his guitar with a beer bottle.

What would be your dream concert?
Mmm… I guess that something like Glastonbury will be our dream concert.

Who is your Uruguayan idol?
Los Mockers were one of the most important bands in this country and were the kickstarters of rock music in Uruguay, so it’d probably be them. Also, Los Traidores. They were like The Clash of our country and we’re big fans of them.

What album would you recommend of that artist for someone who has never heard them before?
Montevideo Agoniza by Los Traidores is an epic record, it has that classy 80s post punk sound and really good lyrics. From Los Mockers the album also called Los Mockers was one of the first steps of beat music here in the sixties.

Here’s Los Traidores performing “Viviendo en Uruguay” (from Montevideo Agoniza) live:

Who is your international idol?
It would be hard choose just one but certainly Bob Dylan, The Kinks, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges and The Clash would be on that pedestal. Also, the Ramones.

Can you tell us something interesting about Uruguay that nobody really knows?
Well, we are building the first stairway to heaven but please keep the secret we don’t want Robert Plant and Jimmy Page to notice it… not. Seriously, We have bowling, cable TV and Uruguay is a country where are more cows than humans.

What are your plans? Where are The Blueberries heading?
Our plans right now are to play as much as we can in Uruguay and Argentina, and in June start filming a video for our song “London Eye”. Also we are trying to publish our album in Europe. It will be awesome to open the door to Europe. We are growing as a band and we want to insert ourselves into the international musical circuit. We know it’s a bit ambitious for an Uruguayan band, but we really trust in our material. We hope to start recording our second album in 2012.

To find our more about The Blueberries as well as download their debut album go to www.losblueberries.com.

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