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REVIEW Apanhador Só – Antes Que Tu Conte Outra

By 20 August, 2013

Having released their third and fourth albums exclusively on cassette and vinyl respectively, Apanhador Só’s follow-up Antes Que Tu Conte Outra was never going to follow a pre-prescribed pattern. Opening with a distorted dubstep groove which quickly dissolves... Read Article

Pereira’s Esparrela – Chama Mix

MIXTAPE Pereira’s Esparrela – Chama Mix

By 11 May, 2012

Ricardo Pereira is a musician and DJ from São Paulo. He plays in a couple of bands affiliated with the group Hurtmold, Guilherme Granado’s Bodes & Elefantes project and Mauricio Takara’s Assembléia Ritmica de Pinheiros, both incredible live... Read Article