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Nowhere People by Paulo Scott

By 17 July, 2014

With Nowhere People, Paulo Scott has written one of the most daring novels of Brazil’s contemporary literary scene. It is a work which gives a voice to the underclass of Brazil’s indigenous population, and addresses the delicate relationship... Read Article

La Razon Blindada at CASA Festival

By 14 October, 2013

This year the CASA Latin American Theatre Festival, now in its fourth year, assumed a political theme, boldly confronting a variety of topics, from imaginary dictatorships to the very real horrors faced by Bolivian migrants. La Razón Blindada,... Read Article

REVIEW Apanhador Só – Antes Que Tu Conte Outra

By 20 August, 2013

Having released their third and fourth albums exclusively on cassette and vinyl respectively, Apanhador Só’s follow-up Antes Que Tu Conte Outra was never going to follow a pre-prescribed pattern. Opening with a distorted dubstep groove which quickly dissolves... Read Article