REVIEW Rodrigo Amarante – Drama

By 18 July, 2021

When the LA-based Brazilian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Rodrigo Amarante, delivered his first solo album Cavalo in 2014, it announced a new and genuinely original talent. Amarante had been a part of the rock group Los Hermanos, the samba... Read Article

REVIEW Los Amigos Invisibles – Repeat After Me

By 03 April, 2013

Los Amigos Invisibles have been visible in the Latin American musical realm for some time now. The disco-funk rockers from Caracas have worked hard over the past twenty years to create a distinct blend of sounds and musical rhythms.... Read Article

REVIEW Ulises Hadjis – Cosas Perdidas

By 24 October, 2012

It takes more than one listen to realise how innocently complex Ulises Hadjis’s new record, Cosas Perdidas, really is. Putting his knowledge of sociology, philosophy and psychoanalysis to work, Hadjis has created a set of 15 intertwined tracks... Read Article