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REVIEW The Cordillera of Dreams

By 09 October, 2019

If you have ever flown over the Andes mountain range, you might have been struck by their sheer height. Even from cruising altitude, they can appear startlingly close. The Ojos del Salado, standing north of Santiago along the... Read Article

REVIEW Ara Malikian: A Life Among Strings

By 18 September, 2019

Does history repeat itself? This is the question implied throughout Spanish director Nata Moreno’s first full-length documentary A Life Among Strings, produced by Kororo Films about the life and work of internationally acclaimed violinist and composer Ara Malikian.... Read Article

REVIEW Camila Moreno – Mala Madre

By 09 July, 2015

If John Everett Millais’ Ophelia was left in the swamp to drown with her clothes on, Camila Moreno’s zombie-sirena will stand up from the water unscathed and uncensored, determined to haunt the world with her songs and evolving... Read Article