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Maria Rita – Elo

REVIEW Maria Rita – Elo

By 07 May, 2012

I never doubted Maria Rita’s talent, though I was always suspicious of her music. To start with, being Elis Regina’s daughter can be more challenging than helpful if you decide to follow the parent’s steps as she did!... Read Article

Banda de Turistas – Ya

REVIEW Banda de Turistas – Ya

By 02 April, 2012

Would it be absurd to say that Argentine rock is becoming as popular as tango? I don’t actually know the answer but all I know is that in the case of Banda de Turistas, their popularity has already... Read Article

Joyce – Rio

REVIEW Joyce – Rio

By 08 March, 2012

People say that good things in life come in threes. I have to agree. From the simple triumvirates such as toast, jam and butter to the amusing ones like the mountains, the sun and the sea. It seems... Read Article