Bio Ritmo

New Music: Bio Ritmo’s ‘Oriza’

By 17 February, 2016

Though they’ve been at it for more than 20 years now, we introduced Bio Ritmo to our readers as “forward-thinking salsa” back in 2011. Well, the Richmond, Virginia -based outfit is still at it, and these wonderful remixes of... Read Article

Bio Ritmo – Introducing Bio Ritmo

REVIEW Bio Ritmo – Introducing Bio Ritmo

By 28 August, 2012

Along its twenty years of existence, Bio Ritmo has experimented with different salsa styles, incorporated influences that range from punk-rock to samba, and established themselves as pioneers of the indie salsa movement. Their fusions, along with their great... Read Article

Bio Ritmo – La Verdad

REVIEW Bio Ritmo – La Verdad

By 20 September, 2011

This is salsa, though with a difference. The instruments are the same, the rhythms the same, but there’s a difference in the attitude and confidence. It’s clear that Bio-Ritmo are taking salsa in a new direction.