MIXTAPE Barrio Lindo’s South American Tape

By 23 January, 2015

We’re loving this under-stated mix of South American beats and rhythms from Argentine producer Barrio Lindo. It’s a mix with a particular focus on new Argentine producers, with Barda, Tremor, Sidirum, Chancha Via Circuito and King Coya all... Read Article

Vincent Moon Has A Vision

By 09 March, 2012

We’ve made no secret of our admiration for the work of Vincent Moon, a director who in the past couple of years has extensively documented music in Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Argentina for his Petites Planetes and Take... Read Article

Bogota – Conclusion

By 14 June, 2011

We returned to Bogota full of music in our bodies and hearts… We were happy, grateful and full of things to finalise and process. It was a bit disorientating to return back to the capital to deal with... Read Article