Chile’s Yael Meyer Meets Lulacruza in new Remix

By 22 February, 2012

In a soon-to-be-published interview Colombian musician Teto Ocampo (once of El Bloque and Carlos Vives’ group and currently of Mucho Indio) named Lulacruza and Soema Montenegro as two artists with which he shares a common vision. It’s easy to see why. All artists share a love of the natural world and the relationship that music can have with that world. Plus, they’re all artists we love on Sounds and Colours due to this relationship and the fact that these are artists who really produce music from their hearts. There is no posturing or superficiality.

Possibly we will have to add to that short list Yael Meyer, a Chilean artist with whom Lulacruza have collaborated with here, on a remix of her track “Fire”, which features an original verse by Lulacruza sung in Mapuche. If you’re a regular reader of Sounds and Colours you will of course know Lulacruza through their adventure with Vincent Moon in Colombia, which we published here. The result of that journey was the film Esperando el Tsunami, a film which we’ll be showing in conjunction with Movimientos on Tuesday February 28th. If you’re based in London this is the Official London screening, and one of the few ways you’ll get to see the film in the UK.

Here’s the remix, a fiery, textured dub reworking of “Fire”:

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