MIXTAPE Selectorchico™’s Revisiting Macondo Mixtape

By 20 March, 2015

After publishing Uruguayan producer Selectorchico™‘s amazing fusion of tropical bass and gnawa music earlier this week, we stumbled across this incredible mixtape that Selectorchico™ put together just a few months ago. Titled Revisiting Macondo Vol. 1 and with... Read Article

Tango In The Movies

Tango In The Movies

By 02 April, 2012

The relation between tango and the movie industry in Argentina is much more complex than most people think. If you ask tango dancers about it, they will answer that they have seen Pablo Veron dance in Sally Potter’s... Read Article

Soema Montenegro – Pasionaria

REVIEW Soema Montenegro – Pasionaria

By 26 July, 2011

From the first song of Pasionaria it is clear you have entered into a truly singular world with Soema Montenegro‘s voice alone singing “Leyenda del Cururú”. At times her voice is as graceful as Mercedes Sosa singing the... Read Article

Basics of Tango (Part Two)

By 31 May, 2011

Last week Luz Sinatra, our Tango expert, told you about the history and benefits of tango. This week we look into what it takes to become good at tango and hit the milonga floor. These are some interesting... Read Article

Basics of Tango (Part One)

Basics of Tango (Part One)

By 23 May, 2011

Ah… Tango! No doubt, the most idealised paired dance in the world. And there’s plenty of reasons for that. The closeness, the intimacy, the cadence, the wordless conversation of the bodies, the acute polarisation of the gender’s roles…... Read Article