Mr Pauer

Los Rakas in South America

By 23 July, 2013

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of a lil group I first saw in 2011—Los Rakas, Panamanian cousins based in Oakland, Calif., who masterfully blend hip-hop, dancehall and reggaeton into some ass-shaking anthems. Using DIY street hustle and... Read Article

Mr Pauer’s Electrópico Mixtape Vol. 3

MIXTAPE Mr Pauer’s Electrópico Mixtape Vol. 3

By 14 September, 2012

Brand new mixtape from Miami-based Venezuelan Mr Pauer. For anyone familiar with his work, his album Soundtrack or any of his many remixes, you will know exactly what to expect, a selection of tropical hits primed for the... Read Article

Sr. Mendez – Papá del Panasuyo

REVIEW Sr. Mendez – Papá del Panasuyo

By 17 September, 2011

Papá del Panasuyo is the second album from Venezuelan Sr. Mendez. It’s an album that shares a certain aesthetic with Mr Pauer’s Soundtrack, released last year by a fellow Venezuelan. They are both full of light grooves, Pacific... Read Article

Mr. Pauer – Soundtrack

REVIEW Mr. Pauer – Soundtrack

By 18 March, 2011

There was something about the garish packaging and over-the-top hyperbole surrounding this CD that made me think I was not going to like the CD. In truth, the packaging probably fits the music, all day-glo, visceral charms, so... Read Article