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There was something about the garish packaging and over-the-top hyperbole surrounding this CD that made me think I was not going to like the CD. In truth, the packaging probably fits the music, all day-glo, visceral charms, so the surprise was that I actually really liked it! From the opener “Cucu Perucu” which seemingly mixed the soundtrack to the The Last Emperor with spikes of cumbia and tumbling beats before morphing into a glorious techno-bit beat that I haven’t really enjoyed since hearing the last YACHT album.

I found it hard not to be dubious of all these new crossover albums which promise “Latin culture, world beats and indie music” as well as music ranging from “rock, electronic, new wave to salsa, tropical and cumbia.” Yet, here on Soundtrack it works. There’s a freshness in the sound, a crucial part of the Miami sound – which is where the Venezuelan-born Mr Pauer now resides – but also a rare inventiveness. In the most part this comes from the main melodic lines which largely consist of big, scratchy synths reminiscent of all that great computer music from the 80s. Moving around these are snatches of horns and accordions, percussion rolls, the odd guest vocal and, as on “Que Si Que No” a great cumbia guitar line followed by an even more sublime organ cameo.

Worth particular mention are “Mente de Mente,” an insistent low-tempo romper with a ridiculously infectious synth chorus, and “Escaping,” a deep groove whose ruffles of accordion and fuzzy synths leave you hypnotised. Both of these songs operate at a languid pace, and this is one of the secrets of the album; it’s grooves spill out slowly allowing you to enjoy every twist and turn, which is many per song!

This is a great album for people interested in new South American fusions betweens electronica, dance, cumbia and the tropical sounds of the Pacific coast, a sound highlighted by new Colombian artists such as Pernett, Bomba Estereo and Choc Quib Town and those on the Argentinean ZZK Records.

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